Ando's Sausage Rolls

Supplied by Paul Anderson

Serves 4-6

What you need

4sheets of puff pastry cut in half lengthwise to make 8 pieces
1kgsausage mince
2-3 cupspacket or homemade breadcrumbs
1onion finely diced
To tasteparsley
To tastesalt and pepper

Mix all dry ingredients. You will need to add a little water, up to 1 cup, depending on dryness of mix. Lay out pastry sheets and form mixture along long side approximately 20-25mm in diameter. Enclose by rolling pastry, moisten edge with water for a good seal. Flatten top to shape rolls evenly and spread fill along rolls. Cook off in hot oven for 20 mins or until cooked and puff pastry is golden brown. Tips: Leave plastic sheet on rolls until ready to cook. You can top with breadcrumbs, sesame seeds or poppy seeds. Suitable for camp oven or Cobb. Enjoy but don't burn your tongue in your eagerness to eat them.

Cheese Salmon Pie

Supplied by Helen Purcell

Serves 6

What you need

1 3/4 cupsself raising flour
1 1/4 cupsshredded tasty cheese
1 tbspwater
2x210 cansred salmon, drained, skin and bones removed
300g cartonlight sour cream
1 tbspchopped chives, plus 1 tbsp extra
1lemon,grated zest and juice
100gbaby rocket leaves
1 tbspextra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 200degC or 180degC fan forced oven. Grease a 23cm springform pan. Place flour, butter and 3/4 cup grated cheese in a food processor. Pulse until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add water and pulse to combine. Reserve 1/2cup of mixture. Press remaining over the base and side of the prepared pan. Sprinkle salmon over pie base. Whisk sour cream, eggs, chives, lemon zest and juice and remaining cheese in a jug. Pour over salmon. Crumble over reserved mixture. Bake for 40-45 mins or until firm and golden. Stand in pan for 10 mins before cutting into wedges. Toss rocket and extra chives with the oil, then serve with the pie.

Chicken/Beef in Creamy Sauce

Supplied by Terry Bain

Serves 4

What you need

500gchicken or beef
4bacon rashers
2 tspcrushed garlic
1chicken/beef stock cube
1 tinskinny tinny milk

Heat oil, brown garlic and bacon, remove from pan. Add chicken/beef to pan and brown till golden. Sprinkle stock cube over meat, add skinny tinny, garlic and bacon. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes Serve with rice and green vegetables.

Chilli Prawns

Supplied by Wendy Agius

Serves 2

What you need

1kggreen prawns peeled with tail left on
1 tspdried basil
handfullsnow peas
1/4 cupsweet chilli sauce to your taste
1/3 cupcream
knobbutter and some oil for frying

Top and tail snow peas and pour boiling water over them. Let stand for 5 mins and then put into cold water to stop the cooking process, then drain. Heat oil and butter in wok add shallots and basil and cook for 2 minutes. Add the prawns. When prawns are half cooked, add the sweet chilli sauce and the snow peas. Just before serving stir through the cream. Serve with boiled rice.

Mince and Ricotta Pie

Supplied by Maria Battaglia

Serves 4

What you need

2 tbspolive oil
1brown onion, chopped
1garlic clove, crushed
1celery stalk, chopped
1carrot, chopped
750gbeef mince
400gtin chopped tomatoes
2 tbspworcestershire sauce
to tastesea salt and cracked black pepper
2 cupsfresh ricotta
1 tbspchopped oregano leaves
1/3 cupgrated mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 220degC. Heat a frying pan over high heat. Add the oil, garlic and onion and cook for 1 minute. Add the carrot and celery and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the mince and cook a further 8-10 minutes. Add tinned tomatoes, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and simmer for 15 minutes. Spoon the mince mixture into a 4 cup capacity ovenproof dish. Place the ricotta, eggs, oregano and mozzarella in a bowl and stir together. Top the pie with the ricotta mixture and bake 15-20 minutes until the cheese is golden.

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